Three New Product Offers in 2019

  1. Cards, Invitations and more!

  2. Retouching your images - even if I did not take them

  3. customized Photo books

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Cards, invitations, annoucements, personalized stationary and more!

There are so many special times throughout the year to celebrate with your family and friends. The hard part is finding the time to sit at your computer in the midst of everyday chaos to select your photos, your colors, your fonts and create the perfect printed piece. We all know that this can take hours!

Let me help! I’ll design and order your special printed materials and have them shipped directly to you!

birthday invitations

graduation announcements

wedding save the dates

thank you cards

personalized stationary

holiday cards

And more

Pricing starts at $50*

  • Holiday cards ordered November - December may have an additional fee due to busyness of the season


Did you go on a summer vacation, spend Christmas with family, plan an awesome birthday party for your kid? You probably took a ton of pictures but now would like them enhanced! It’s as easy as sending me your images and I can retouch them for you!

Retouching includes; lighting and color enhancement, removing small imperfections on face and/or body (i.e. blemishes, wet noises, bruises), cropping

Advanced retouching includes; removal of stray hairs, removal of a person or object, creation of a new background where person/object was removed


Tell your story with a handcrafted album. Beautiful photo books that you can customize by size, cover substrate, types of paper, enhancements and of course your beautiful imagery.

Pricing starts at $50*

  • Prices will vary pending the number of pages needed, cover substrate, overall size and additional enhancement options