Super Senior Davis

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Meet Davis

Super Senior on his way to KU!

When my friend Shannon asked me to take her son’s senior pictures I was so excited! I knew that he was an awesome football player at Bishop Lynch and every time my kids see him they talk about how tall and nice he is :) Yes, he’s athletic but humble, tall and handsome, well-mannered and kind. What I didn’t know was that he knew how to pose and be a perfect model for me too!

For our shoot we went to Deep Ellum and downtown Dallas. He already had some favorite spots selected and he did a great job seeking the area out. As we walked around that Sunday afternoon he was so well-mannered and such a good sport when I asked him to stop and take a picture along the way to another spot of his. Taking his pictures and seeing him interact with his mom made me think about the relationship I want to have with my son as he grows older. What an exceptional young man he is, I was so impressed… way to go mama!

Davis will be graduating and heading to KU (The University of Kansas) in the fall, to start his college career. I am so excited for him and this next chapter in his life! Good luck, Davis!

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