Fifteen and Fabulous

To be 15 again, seems like so long ago. Ok, yes, it was so long ago! I digress :)

It is so wonderful to see a beautiful young woman at 15 who is kind, respectful and has a great relationship with her parents and God! Ayleen, is getting ready for her Quinceanera this summer and the planning is in full effect. We were blessed and had perfect weather for our shoot and ended up with several options for her to use on her formal invitation to send out to family and friends!

The invitation I designed as well, but to keep private until after the actual event I will share the beautiful invitation then!

Here’s a couple of the images from our session. Dad, watch out, the boys are going to be calling soon if they aren’t already!

Campos8 copy.jpg
Campos3 copy.jpg


Fifteen and Fabulous

Super Senior Davis

Davis19bw copy.jpg

Meet Davis

Super Senior on his way to KU!

When my friend Shannon asked me to take her son’s senior pictures I was so excited! I knew that he was an awesome football player at Bishop Lynch and every time my kids see him they talk about how tall and nice he is :) Yes, he’s athletic but humble, tall and handsome, well-mannered and kind. What I didn’t know was that he knew how to pose and be a perfect model for me too!

For our shoot we went to Deep Ellum and downtown Dallas. He already had some favorite spots selected and he did a great job seeking the area out. As we walked around that Sunday afternoon he was so well-mannered and such a good sport when I asked him to stop and take a picture along the way to another spot of his. Taking his pictures and seeing him interact with his mom made me think about the relationship I want to have with my son as he grows older. What an exceptional young man he is, I was so impressed… way to go mama!

Davis will be graduating and heading to KU (The University of Kansas) in the fall, to start his college career. I am so excited for him and this next chapter in his life! Good luck, Davis!

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