Awesome Agnews

An extended family session is one of the hardest shoots, but also the most fun! With typically 3X the amount of people as a regular shoot, there's much more planning to be done. However, it turns into the coolest 90-minutes because I get to see 3 generations together. Watching grandparents with their grandchildren, cousins laughing, siblings running and chasing, and the two people that started this whole family 40+ years ago. 

When my friend Stephanie asked me to do their extended shoot I was excited but I'm not going to lie, a bit nervous too. 90-minutes is blink of time to capture all of the groupings that I want to get for this shoot; entire family, each sub family (2), cousins, individuals of each child and the grandparents together. Whheeewww weee! We made it happen, they were awesome to work with! 

It's shoots like this that make you feel thankful and blessed for family! Thank you, Stephanie, for allowing me to be a part of the Awesome Agnews that day! 

Here's a few samples...