Hintlian Magical Holiday

Shooting during the holiday's is one of my absolute favorite times of year! It's just so darn hard for me to keep all of these beautiful families images all to myself until after the holidays! This year was no different from the past, capturing some of coolest families in Dallas. Knowing that my clients are using these images to embrace the holiday season and create cards to send out to all of their friends and family makes me feel so honored. Just a snap of the Hintlian's Magical Holiday Mini Session! 


Awesome Agnews

An extended family session is one of the hardest shoots, but also the most fun! With typically 3X the amount of people as a regular shoot, there's much more planning to be done. However, it turns into the coolest 90-minutes because I get to see 3 generations together. Watching grandparents with their grandchildren, cousins laughing, siblings running and chasing, and the two people that started this whole family 40+ years ago. 

When my friend Stephanie asked me to do their extended shoot I was excited but I'm not going to lie, a bit nervous too. 90-minutes is blink of time to capture all of the groupings that I want to get for this shoot; entire family, each sub family (2), cousins, individuals of each child and the grandparents together. Whheeewww weee! We made it happen, they were awesome to work with! 

It's shoots like this that make you feel thankful and blessed for family! Thank you, Stephanie, for allowing me to be a part of the Awesome Agnews that day! 

Here's a few samples... 

Summer Time = Family Photo Time

Summer time = Family Photo time! The sun is out, the sky is blue, the grass is green and the flowers are popping. I'm so glad that this gorgeous family of five decided to take advantage of the summer surroundings! 

It was so fun watching this family interact together. Mom & Dad are just awesome, a beautiful couple and team. I could see the love they have for each other and their beautiful daughters and new addition to the family, Jacob. Everyone was quite smitten on him, especially his great big sisters :)

It's such a blessing to watch and photograph families like this! 



Curly-Haired Cuties

When my friends' mom contacted me about taking pictures to surprise her daughter I was so excited! What a perfect Mother's Day gift to give her daughter... pictures of her babies! Not to mention, these two cuties are some of the most adorable babies around with their bright blue eyes and curly lockes!

We decided on the arboretum because that's where Mia and Papou take them to play around in the lazy river. It was the perfect spot because they were truly in their element and could frolic around while I snuck pictures in without them even knowing :)

Now, this special place where they often go is documented for Mia and Papou, and also mom and dad have this timeless stage in their lives documented to look on back for years to come! A double win! 



A Texas Tradition

Once a year is not enough to take pictures in the bluebonnets! I just absolutely love how each and every little reacts and plays with them differently when they see them again for the first time. This year I was able to find a great spot close to home. I mean how cool to have these pretty much in our backyards, even living in the city. So much more convenient than having to pack up snacks, drinks, toys and drive your littles for an hour to the country to capture these moments. I know a lot of people that like to take these of their littles annually, myself included and so it was a must to find a place that was beautiful and convenient for my clients. This is definitely a favorite session of mine and you can see why with these beautiful bluebonnet babes!

Wagner Family

Happy Friday and April Fool's Day! It worked out perfectly that I am able to post a fun family shoot on this day of laughter. 

Seeing a family have fun and laugh together is one of the best parts of my job! Hearing giggles from this sweet little one just made my day! It was a shoot filled with exploration of the teddy bears, running on the bridge, chasing down the ducks and making sure we had selected the perfect color blanket to sit on... of course pink! 

I think there's a future in photography for Windsor too, as she knew just how to pose Mom and Dad for their pictures. I just love it when littles have an opinion on their pictures and know how to get their parents to pose perfectly with them. Too cute! 

Thank you

My did 2015 go by fast! I seriously can't believe that we're at the start of 2016 - Happy New Year!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to start my blog back up, as last year with the birth of Charlotte, it disappeared!

My first order of business this year is to thank all of my wonderful clients for choosing me to be your photographer! 2015 was such a wonderful year of shoots with milestone smash cakes, bluebonnet fields, pumpkin patches, littles, siblings, puppies, families and of course holiday sessions. I truly have the best job in the world to capture so many special moments of you and your families. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and help in making your memories last forever! 

I look forward to seeing your littles get bigger and your families grow in 2016! 

I'll be updating my website in the new few weeks with more 2016 pictures, but until then here's a sneak peek. Enjoy!

Madison's Smash Cake Session

A smash cake session is one of my absolute favorites! It's so fun to see how these 1-year olds react to the sweet taste of sugar in their mouths. Madison was a complete cutie, trying each little bite like a dainty little lady. She definitely enjoyed the yummy cake from Society, but didn't quite feel like making it her whole breakfast ;)

I loved taking their family photos last holiday season, so it was such a delight when Madison's mom called to see if I could do her smash cake session. Repeat clients are the best! It's been so fun to see how much Madison has grown in the past 6-months. She's definitely mom and dads little princess (rightfully so)!