Agnew Media - The Boutique Is Back

Being in advertising and promotions for 10-years, I realize how important the office space is for an agency. This is your home away from home, where the creative juices start flowing, brainstorming sessions begin and where you present your work. Bonds between agency and client are made here.

My friend, Jason Agnew, owner of Agnew Media and Storyteller as he calls himself, is one of the best in the business! Every piece of work that I have seen of Jason’s is marked with love and understanding of his clients needs and a precise attention to detail.

I was honored to take pictures of his boutique space this summer! You can see a few of the images below. Who wouldn’t want to work here?!

See more about Jason, his videos and post production company at

Fifteen and Fabulous

To be 15 again, seems like so long ago. Ok, yes, it was so long ago! I digress :)

It is so wonderful to see a beautiful young woman at 15 who is kind, respectful and has a great relationship with her parents and God! Ayleen, is getting ready for her Quinceanera this summer and the planning is in full effect. We were blessed and had perfect weather for our shoot and ended up with several options for her to use on her formal invitation to send out to family and friends!

The invitation I designed as well, but to keep private until after the actual event I will share the beautiful invitation then!

Here’s a couple of the images from our session. Dad, watch out, the boys are going to be calling soon if they aren’t already!

Campos8 copy.jpg
Campos3 copy.jpg


Fifteen and Fabulous

Super Senior Davis

Davis19bw copy.jpg

Meet Davis

Super Senior on his way to KU!

When my friend Shannon asked me to take her son’s senior pictures I was so excited! I knew that he was an awesome football player at Bishop Lynch and every time my kids see him they talk about how tall and nice he is :) Yes, he’s athletic but humble, tall and handsome, well-mannered and kind. What I didn’t know was that he knew how to pose and be a perfect model for me too!

For our shoot we went to Deep Ellum and downtown Dallas. He already had some favorite spots selected and he did a great job seeking the area out. As we walked around that Sunday afternoon he was so well-mannered and such a good sport when I asked him to stop and take a picture along the way to another spot of his. Taking his pictures and seeing him interact with his mom made me think about the relationship I want to have with my son as he grows older. What an exceptional young man he is, I was so impressed… way to go mama!

Davis will be graduating and heading to KU (The University of Kansas) in the fall, to start his college career. I am so excited for him and this next chapter in his life! Good luck, Davis!

Davis17 copy.jpg
Davis9_copy copy.jpg
Davis21bw copy.jpg
Davis7 copy 3.jpg

New Offers For 2019



New Product Offers for 2019

I am so excited to announce that I will not just be offering photography sessions, but I have expanded my business to include more of what YOU need!

Day to day we are so busy trying to get everything done from our checklists and often times it seems that there are still so many things that we would like to accomplish but there are just not enough hours in the day. Let me help DESIGN, EXECUTE, ORDER and FULFILL!

  1. CARDS

Holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you notes, save the dates, personalized stationary! Yes, I will design it, order them and have them shipped directly to your home!


I may not have taken the photos, but there is no reason why these can’t be enhanced to work better for you! Christmas time with family, summer vacation, an adorable birthday party, etc. Send me your images and I will retouch them for you.


Most often photographers offer albums that while beautiful, they often are out of our budget. I know each year I create a Year In Review album for my family, I love being able to look back on the moments and memories we made throughout the year but I don’t want to break the bank either. Birthdays, vacations, engagement, wedding, etc. you tell me the occasion and I can design it for you.

Highlights of 2018

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of my wonderful families of 2018! I appreciate and thank each of you for allowing me to capture your beautiful families. I take great pride in being able to provide you with images that you can enjoy immediately but that you will also look back on years from now in remembrance of these times. I look forward to being apart of your special occasions in 2019! Many blessings, thanks and cheers to you all!

Many Thanks

Y’all I’ve been so bad about journaling! This is something that I fully intend to be more consistent with in 2019! Most definitely because I have a few new things that I’ll be adding to my website and portfolio of products. But before I get to those announcements next month, I want to THANK all of my amazing clients this year!

2018 has brought so many wonderful families into my life. Each of your families has a special place in my heart! It’s so fun for me to capture these moments in time, the personalities, and the love you share with one another. Being a part of your day and being able to provide you with photographs that you can look back on and cherish for many years to come is something I am very passionate about.

Some of my families have been with me since 2014 when I started this business. Hard to believe that it’s been almost 5-years! Thank you to those families who “tried” me as a new photographer, when I was green. And THANK YOU to those who have stuck with me, as I have grown my talent and my business. I am excited about the strides and growth made in these 5-years and am very excited about the new products I’ll be adding to my portfolio this year. I can’t wait to share all of this with you very soon!

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones and I look forward to seeing you all in 2019!

Thank you and God Bless You!

Hintlian Magical Holiday

Shooting during the holiday's is one of my absolute favorite times of year! It's just so darn hard for me to keep all of these beautiful families images all to myself until after the holidays! This year was no different from the past, capturing some of coolest families in Dallas. Knowing that my clients are using these images to embrace the holiday season and create cards to send out to all of their friends and family makes me feel so honored. Just a snap of the Hintlian's Magical Holiday Mini Session! 


Awesome Agnews

An extended family session is one of the hardest shoots, but also the most fun! With typically 3X the amount of people as a regular shoot, there's much more planning to be done. However, it turns into the coolest 90-minutes because I get to see 3 generations together. Watching grandparents with their grandchildren, cousins laughing, siblings running and chasing, and the two people that started this whole family 40+ years ago. 

When my friend Stephanie asked me to do their extended shoot I was excited but I'm not going to lie, a bit nervous too. 90-minutes is blink of time to capture all of the groupings that I want to get for this shoot; entire family, each sub family (2), cousins, individuals of each child and the grandparents together. Whheeewww weee! We made it happen, they were awesome to work with! 

It's shoots like this that make you feel thankful and blessed for family! Thank you, Stephanie, for allowing me to be a part of the Awesome Agnews that day! 

Here's a few samples...